Everyday Ecology is an international training course held in the French countryside, and its main objective is to raise participants’ awareness about the necessity to turn to a healthier and more respectful lifestyle towards our environment and ourselves. As part the program practical and theoretical workshops about several different thematics are planned: waste, food and agriculture, energy.

The theoretical workshops will help the participants to understand the environmental issues underlying each of these big themes. The practical workshops will emphasize the theoretical part with real hand-on tools which can be used easily to reduce our everyday ecological footprint. Moreover, participants will be asked to create a short awareness raising video about the topics discussed during the training course. Through the training course participants will able to organize their own workshops, training courses and many more in their own professional network.

Participation is free of charge, travel costs will be reimbursed within the budget of 275 euro after the training course, food and accommodation fully coverd.

Read the more detailed description and program here.

Apply until 10th September here

For any questions, you can contact:

Ana-Maria Ilie

004 0720 164 304



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