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  • December comes with an announcement. Because we have a National Antidiscrimination Campaign, we decided to dedicate a blog which treats some topics like: diversity and respect the human rights. So, we invite you to join our blog: http://artfusion.ro/fiiparteladiversitate/ We will have a lot of ‘goods’ on this blog, from details about the project “ Be a part of diversity!” that A.R.T. Fusion will realize in collaboration with The Foundation New Horizons (Fundatia Noi Orizonturi), to useful information about concepts like: diversity, human rights, stereotypes and prejudices. Soon, on the new blog, we will offer you 27 stories gathered during the 9 Human Libraries that we organized in the month of Human Books (November – December). The Human Libraries were organized by the IMPACT Clubs and were managed by the Foundation New Horizons in 8 cities (Iași, Cluj, Hârșova, Petroșani, Uricani, Dej, Călărași, Oradea). We will add here the one that was made in Iron City, Bucharest (27-30 november). The stories will be told by the Human Books who participated in this Libraries and they will talk about the prejudices they faced and how we can make a difference when tagging people around us. The blog aims to advance the goal of the "Be part in Diversity", to increase awareness of diversity and human rights. The Antidiscrimination National Campaign "Be part in Diversity" continues next year with a series of street campaigns, but until then, we invite you to visit our new blog. *Project financed by the SEE 2009-2014 Grants, in the NGO Fund in Romania (site: fondong.fdsc.ro) *For official information about the SEE Grants and the Norway Grants, visit: eeagrants.org.

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