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There are various issues present in our lives these days that are primordially affecting young people:

-High level of migrations;

- Economic crises and high levels of unemployment among young people;

- Difficulties in integration of different minorities groups associated with discrimination, marginalization, xenophobia, violence, etc.

- High levels of violence towards women or domestic violence;

- Corruption

- High level of social apathy of young people- express as a general feeling of indifference towards some of the problems mention before


Theatre of the Oppressed is a collective rehearsal for reality. The main idea of these methods is to make people experience and understand how any change of an attitude, behaviour or thinking pattern can have a powerful significant effect on their life as well as lives of people around them. Forum, Image, Invisible and Newspaper Theatre methods are highly adaptable to the needs of different communities, with a large capacity to cover all kind of the social issues: human rights problems, power abuse and oppression in different ways, lack of activism, discrimination, exclusion, poverty, marginalization, xenophobia, etc



 The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of youth work sector to raise the participation and involvement of young people in social processes and change;

·         To introduce innovative methodologies in youth work field on 2 continents;

·         To stimulate the exchange of best practices in youth work field across continents;

·         To increase the quality of the youth organization projects in 2 continents

·         To stimulate the development of a network of Theatre of the Oppressed multipliers in various regions of Europe and Africa;

·         To develop pro-active attitudes and the sense of initiative among the partners NGO members and also among the beneficiaries of the partners (young people).



Ø  Kick-off Meeting (Tanzania) –(4-8 July 2018)

Ø  Organizing first residential training course for developing basic competencies in image and forum theatre and facilitation in Burundi –(28 September -07 October 2018)

Ø  Practice phase 1 in each community (each team will have to prepare and implement forum theatre projects for at least 200 young people in each community making a total per practice phase of 1600 )

Ø  Mid-term evaluation (online)

Ø  Second residential training course for advanced competencies in theatre of the oppressed and facilitation skills in Romania – (28 February-10 March 2019)

Ø  Second practice phase (each team will have to prepare and implement upgraded forum theatre projects or to use new theatre of the oppressed methods 100 people making a total project per project of 2400 young people)

Ø  Evaluation (short and long term); It will include also an evaluation meeting in Latvia (20-25 August 2019)




Ravnovesie - Bulgaria




Teatro Metaphora-Portugal

A.R.T. Fusion Association- Romania



The ”You are the engine of change” project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.





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