Worlds Future in Your Actions

A.R.T. Fusion Association developed this project in the context of an important need detected in our global society,where efforts for North-South cooperation among youth civil society structures, exchanges of practice and mutual initiatives are not being supported enough. This project gave the opportunity for youth workers and leaders, from European and African countries, to deeper explore global topics, interdependency and sustainability, as well as how to bring these important dimensions into their work, to their beneficiaries through advance facilitation and training skills, necessary for a quality management of global education processes. 

The main goal of this project was to increase the capacity of youth organizations to raise the level of global citizenship competencies among young people in different European and African countries. 

The project`s main beneficiaries (26 youth workers) took part in a long-term training course focused on developing practical working competencies in the global education field.

The main project results were: 

  • ·         A network of strong and competent organizations active in the global education field in different African and European countries; 
  • ·         26 experienced, competent and independent global educators;
  • ·         1816 participants of the workshops delivered during the project;
  • ·         9544 indirect beneficiaries;
  • ·         A manual for facilitators in global education available in 6 languages (Romanian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian)
  • ·         Training modules for facilitators in global education in N-S context;
  • ·         New tools and methods for global education competencies development;

The project took place between March 2016 and December 2017 and involved 26 youth workers  from 3 African countries: Mozambique, Tanzania, Togo and 3 European countries: Italy, Romania, Spain. 

We encourage you to take a look at the manual where you will find lots of tools and methods in global education and more details of this project.  The manual is available online in all the 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian) on our website at the download section or by accessing the links below.

 We let you behind the message of Andreea-Loredana Tudorache, author of the manual: 

"We wish you a wonderful journey in changing the world and that we come across each other in the world we want to live in.”

The World`s Future in Your Actions project is organized with the support of Erasmus +, programme of the European Commission.








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