Differences Challenge Assumptions





            Young people are facing with many challenges in present European and global society and one of them is the influence and impact of globalization, increase in migration, cultural changes, development of subcultures, distress related to the security and stability of future etc. Discrimination and social exclusion, hate speech, violence, which of course is based on some of the global factors mentioned before and lack of adequate support system in obviously growing culturally challenged communities. 



The main goal of this project is to increase the level of intercultural competent, sensitive and quality youth work field.


l  To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers from 4 continents in Intercultural Learning Topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, relativism,  communication, clashes, intercultural sensitivity);

l  To develop the practical skills of youth workers in managing and facilitating intercultural learning process  in international projects with young people;

l   To empower youth workers to act as responsible intercultural sensitive actors in international field and project ;


1. Kick-off meeting; July, Uruguay;

2. First training for developing intercultural competencies- October, Sri Lanka;

3. Local Practice Phase- delivering intercultural learning workshops/sessions for at least 1200 young people (at least 150 in each country);

4. Second training for assessment of practice phase, advance competencies and development of new tools in ICL; March, Romania;

5. Second Local Practice Phase – put in practice the new tools developed in a new series of intercultural workshops (1200 in total/ 150 in each country)

6. Final evaluation meeting; July 2017, Nigeria.



-  A team of 24 intercultural competent youth workers across 4 continents;

-At least 2400 direct beneficiaries of the ICL workshops implemented by the multipliers;

-Educational materials that a Manual on intercultural learning topic;

-An Intercultural Learning online game;

-Indirect beneficiaries:5000 people (the participants at the workshops, the local communities, the people that will play the game and use the manual, etc.)



Part of this project are 8 organizations from 8 countries and 4 continents: 

A.R.T. Fusion and Ottovolante Association from Italy have initiated it; 

the partners are:

Círculo Raíces Sardas- Argentina, 
Luarte- Mozambic
ACDR- Nigeria, 
SCI – Sri Lanka.


This project is organized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

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