Animate the Global Change


             September 2016- september 2018



 In present time characterized by a high level of mobility, access to information and technology, exchange, migration, global challenges, young people find themselves often confused: some of them are taking the most of what is out there for them to progress and develop; others in another side (due to various conditions and circumstances) are lost and excluded and unfortunately too many of them are part of the second category.

The differences between North and South/ West and East are widely discussed and make the main subject of global and human rights education. Different levels of poverty, access to education, gender differences, discrimination in various types, etc. are becoming the main subject of studies and development cooperation projects.

Therefore this project was created to answer to a need that was detected in partner organizations countries and regions, (therefore in Europe and in Africa): In youth work specific there are not too many educational opportunities for youth workers that can enable them to bring the global dimension to the youth work and to reach more young people in their communities.




 The aim of this proposal is to raise the capacity of youth organizations from Europe and Africa to contribute to a cohesive sustainable society through alternative innovative methodology (street campaigning methods: participative or performing arts, living library and other street techniques that could reach more young people);




1) First Training –Lome (Togo) – 31st March– 9th April 2017– to develop basic competencies in global education and street campaigning.

2) Practice phase I – April-November 2017 – all the multipliers are going back to their countries and they will have to develop and implement a street campaign for a least 300 young people.

3) Second Training Course for advanced competencies in street campaigning on

global issues , Romania between 26november- 5decembrie 2017 

4) Practice phase II January 2018-May 2018– multipliers continue their practice

phase, based on the second training each team will have to change and upgrade the campaign so it can have bigger impact, at least 400 young people.

5) Evaluation meeting –Portugal/Madeira (27may- 1iunie 2018) – one multiplier will go to this meeting



            A.R.T. Fusion is partner of thie project and the applicant and coordinating organization is Casa do Povo de Camara de Lobos, Portugal

Partners in the project:

·         Innovaform, Hungary

·         SNRDIMU, Poland

·         ACET , Togo

·         TAYCO, Tanzania

·        Hopespring,Ghana

-      ACDR,Nigeria


This project has been funded with support of Erasmus+ Program of European Union

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