Embody Change





             Embodied or somatic knowing is experiential knowledge that involves senses, perception, and mind-body action and reaction. Body-based learning embraces three approaches. We can learn about the body through anatomy, physiology, development principles, and movement basics. We learn from the body by engaging awareness and tuning into the local intelligence within the body. Learning with the body can be a more active approach, engaging with the world through sensing, moving and responding. This project is more focused on last two.



             The main aim of the project is to introduce youth workers and non-formal learning facilitators with learning methodologies based on work with body and movement, while exploring how embodied learning approaches and methods can be used in different realities within youth work and non-formal education.


More specific objectives are:


To provide embodied learning approaches and methods during the mobility to 28 participants from 8 European countries to facilitate group and individual learning, and support learners with fewer opportunities;

To develop competences among 28 youth workers during the mobility to use embodied learning approaches in order to help young people from marginalised groups strengthen their capacity as active citizens in their communities


To create a networking framework that would enhance the organizational and professional development of the 8 partner organizations towards interventions using embodied learning approaches and methods in their work with marginalised youth during the project.


To support 28 participants from 8 European countries in elaborating and testing innovative, efficient learning methods and approaches during the mobility to create high impact activities with marginalised youth.



This project consists of one main activity - mobility of youth workers which will take place between 7- 16 July 2018, in Băile Tușnad, Romania.  The target group of this mobility are youth workers, educators and non-formal learning facilitators who are staff members or volunteers of the partner organizations, are involved in the work of partner organizations on a daily basis and are able to put gained tools, ideas and developed competences in immediate practice



             Participants will improve their competences and bring home new methodologies, new ideas and energy that will lead to forming a foundation for development of new initiatives, activities and providing new learning opportunities for target groups

of participants\' organizations. This learning experience will expand participants\' professional competences and abilities, and thus also their professional opportunities and individual contribution to promotion of holistic and innovative learning programs to the young people all around Europe. Participants will become more aware of the team processes and how they affect team’s effectiveness. 

After this training course we expect its participants to run at least one workshop for the members of their organization and local community that would be based on concepts and methods learned during the course. 




 A.R.T. Fusion is the host organization and the parteners are: 

ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil (Portugal)

Unique Projects (Lithuania)

Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia),

Xeracion Valencia (Spain)



Piepildīto sapņu istaba (Latvia)


The Embody Change project is organized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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