This week we say goodbye to another precious project, "young SpectACTORS in the Areopagus"

He finishes with a performance of Forum Theatre in eight schools involved in the project: Economic College "Virgil Madgearu", Middle School "Titu Maiorescu" ,Technical College "Mircea cel Batran", Economic College "Viilor", Technical College "Iuliu Maniu ", Orthodox Theological Seminary, National College" Matei Basarab", Technical College" Edmond Nicolau ".

Along with eight students of these schools, ART Fusion has prepared a piece on the topic of
bullying in schools based on social status discrimination (wealthy kids who discriminates against the poorest ones).

The whole project was thought as a collaboration between ART Fusion, Association of Parents
and Teachers, Economic College "V. Madgearu "and Iancu-Old Mătăsari Parish and has aimed that during its course, the teachers and the parents would have the opportunity to learn together, one from each other and work together to find concrete, efficient and realistic solutions to the problems identified by the youth (eg: the problem of bullying ).

The method chosen for this project was the Forum Theatre. Such a method empowers the young participants - actors, direct beneficiaries - and spectACTORS - indirect beneficiaries to observe
the end from the outside, to pursue as a witness hid behind the curtain, the tragic situation and to understand where the ignorance, carelessness, labeling , prejudice or discrimination in terms of civil rights can lead.

Thus, at the end of the first performances, young people can say, "STOP! I did not like what happened here! If you had intervened earlier they would not have reached this situation! We can turn back time. I would have done it differently ... "

We continue the projects " Start the engine of change in your community." in which we use
Forum Theatre in order to help young people to identify their problems and solutions for them.

More details about this project , here.





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