How would the year 2044 look like in an optimistic view? Would we be more responsible? Would  
everyone in Romania and other parts of the world recycle? Would we be more tolerant?

In order to have the positive  answers that we are looking for, action is needed. Therefore, from 
September 22 to 29, the A.R.T. Fusion team was in Busteni  to hold a training on the global education  
advanced skills, attended by representatives of NGOs in Romania, the UK, Estonia, Ghana and Sierra 
Leone. Nigeria  would also had to be among the participants. Unfortunately, however, they did not get a 
visa and could not come to  the training.

During the course, the participants had the opportunity to assess their own global education workshops 
that they have implemented in their countries, but also to develop additional skills in this area.

The training is part of the project "You are part of this world, be part of its future". The goal of this 
project is to increase the abbility of organizations to make a large number of young people from Europe 
and Africa to become responsible global citizens .

During the project, the participants had the opportunity to learn to work with different methods of non-
formal education in order to raise  young people’s level of awareness  in their communities on issues 
such as global interdependence, climate change, consumerism and sustainable lifestyle.

The project was developed by the European Commission, within the Youth in Action programme, Action 

You can see more pictures from the training on our official Facebook page.





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