The  A.R.T. Fusion Association will have on 10th May some global education workshops.

The workshops will take place between 13 and 17 and will consist of short sessions of 15 minutes in which they will tackle several important themes of present-day society: consumerism, lifestyle sustainable, child labor, the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), etc.

If you like the themes, then A.R.T. Fusion will extend the time in order to deepen the proposed global education topics.

  NGO Fest 2014 aims each year to bring the public closer to the NGOs’ enviornment to know the work and encourage the development of respect for diversity.

 The event is organized by the Foundation for Civil Society Development in Romania.

 I made you curious? Come at the A.R.T. Fusion ‘s workshops from 10th may!






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