*important note- this is a call for one year project 
(2 international trainings and local activities)

Read carefully and decide to apply responsibly 

The project is designed to be highly challenging in terms of provoking the participants outside of their comfort zone and stimulating them to rethink and maybe shift their own view on the world and their position in the highly complex intercultural world we live in. 

Young people are facing with many challenges in present global society and one of them is the influence and impact of globalization, mobility, migration, cultural changes, development of subcultures, fast-forward type of informatization and life styles, lack of coherence in the political policies, confusion and distress related to the security and stability of future etc. Youth work is approaching young people and facilitating their process in such settings. Young people have the opportunity to volunteer in other countries, continents, to participate in international projects in various countries, to work in multicultural communities, to benefit from cultural diversity and intercultural education sessions etc. 

The main need that this project wants to answer to is the lack of advanced intercultural working competencies and sensitivity in youth work field and especially of the ones active and working in international, multicultural or global settings. 
Partners involved in the project are coming from Romania, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, India, Nigeria and Mozambique. 
The main goal of this project is to increase the level of intercultural competent, sensitive and quality youth work field. 

More specific objectives are: 
- To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers from 4 continents in Intercultural Learning Topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, relativism, communication, clashes, intercultural sensitivity); 
-  To develop the practical skills of youth workers in working and managing quality intercultural learning process in international projects with young people; 
-  To upgrade skills in managing and facilitating intercultural encounters in youth work (international volunteering, exchanges, local projects in multicultural settings, trainings, etc.); 
- To develop high intercultural sensitive attitudes in youth work field; 
-  To empower youth workers to act as responsible intercultural sensitive actors in international field and project 
- To contribute to a deep understanding of the global settings and influence on the cultural awareness and features of young people; 
- To provide a space for sharing best practices among youth organization in Africa-Europe youth cooperation field; 
- To increase the level of innovation and creativity in youth work field; 
-  To increase the level of professionalism and quality of youth work; 
- To stimulate long term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in international (and intercontinental) projects; 
- To stimulate mobility of youth workers North-South and South-North relation between continents and East-West/West- East within the continents.) 
- To motivate all the beneficiaries (direct and indirect) to act as responsible active global citizens in their day to day life; 

Dynamic of the project: 
1) First Training –Kandy (Sri Lanka) – 20-29th October 2017 – for developing intercultural competencies; 
2) Practice phase I –October 2017 –February 2018- all the multipliers are going back to their countries and they will have to deliver intercultural learning workshops/sessions for at least 1200 young people (at least 150 in each country) 
3) Second Training Course- Busteni (Romania)- 2-11th March 2018 – for assessment of practice phase, advance competencies and development of new tools in intercultural learning; 
4) Practice phase II – March – July 2018– multipliers continue their practice phase, based on the second  training each team will have to put in practice the new tools developed in a new series of intercultural learning workshops (1200 in total/ 150 in each country); 
5) Evaluation meeting of the whole project–Nigeria/Ibadan (18-22nd July 2018) –the country coordinator and one multiplier will participate in this meeting ; 
6) Dissemination activities - between July-October 2018 in the local communities 
- Board and lodging for the two training courses which will take place in Sri Lanka and Romania (and if is the case for the Evaluation meeting in Nigeria) are covered by the organizers in full during the mentioned dates. 
- 85% of international travel costs for the two training courses which will take place in Sri Lanka and Romania (and if is the case for the Evaluation meeting in Nigeria) will be covered by the organizers, upon receipt of original travel tickets and invoices (the ticket could be booked in advance by the organizers and the selected multipliers could reimburse the 15%) 
- 85% cover of visa & vaccination cost, upon receipt of original tickets and invoices. 

Profile of the participants 
- Be youth workers, leader’s coordinators, facilitators and trainers from active NGOs that have mission and objectives that are related to multiculturalism, international activities, intercultural learning; 
- Have experience in the international field and basic experience in intercultural learning ; 
- Be ready to be challenged beyond their mental comfort zone; 
- Interested in developing competencies as facilitator in intercultural learning; 
- Motivated to act as multiplier in this field; 
- Have good command of English language; 
- Available to get involved in all the project activities (mentioned above) for the whole duration of the project (until October 2018); 
- Available to travel to Sri Lanka and Romania(and if is the case for the Evaluation meeting in Nigeria) and take part in the training courses ; 
- Able to cover 15% of the international travel costs, visa and insurance cost. 

Important mentions regarding the profile of participants and selection process: 
- priority will be given to the volunteers, members, supporters of A.R.T. Fusion Association or that are motivated/interested to be volunteers/part of other projects and activities of A.R.T. Fusion 
- Feel free to ask any additional questions to the contact person (mentioned next) if you are not sure if this training is suitable to your learning and professional needs before deciding to apply. 

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please submit your application form to 
Andreea-Loredana Tudorache :





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