On 9-11 May, between 14:00-19:00, the Association A.R.T. Fusion opens again the Living Library! The location of this edition will be the “Factory”, 11 June Street, number 50.

The LIVING BOOKS are waiting for you to come in a larger number to enter into dialogue with them and to know their the stories that hide their pages. You can find various titles on the shelves of the Living Library "Psychologist / Psychotherapist", "institutionalized child," "asexual", "Female pilot", "media" etc.

What is the living library?

The living library works like a usual library - readers come and borrow books for a limited time. After "reading" books, they return them to the library. There is one important aspect. Books in the Living Library are people representing groups facing or may face prejudices or stereotypes (gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, etc.).

Living Library aims to promote respect for human rights and human dignity, to draw attention to diversity in all its forms, to stimulate dialogue between people.

The Living Library brings together on its shelves the most interesting books that await you
to step into their fascinating world to know better.

The Association A.R.T. Fusion has implemented over the years 2009 - 2014 more than 20 Living Libraries! More than 400 books and 4000 readers have passed on to the Living Library all these years.

For more details:

Ana-Maria Ilie
0720 164 304






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