“Animate the Global Change” is a project initiated by the Youth with a Global Vision, U.K. in collaboration with A.R.T. Fusion and another 4 organizations on 2 continents (Africa and Europe) that is taking place between december 2013 – december 2014. The project aims involving 20 facilitators from six countries (Romania, Estonia, UK, Ghana, Togo and Côte d'Ivoire) in activities of non-formal education through which to know and practice different methods of social intervention like living library, campaigns street and every form of participatory art. The beneficiaries are young people from the local communities of each country. The first phase of the project takes place in Lome, Togo between 5-13 April 2014 and requires that participants learn methods of social intervention of each partner organization involved in and then they will return to their community and practice them in social situations. The project is funded with support from Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission, action 3.2.





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