Call for Participants

Look closer. Not everything is as it seems”

Training on Intercultural Learning

(Training 1- Basic competencies)


07-16 may, 2018

Balestrand-Ciderhuset, Norway

The main need that this project wants to answer to is the lack of advanced intercultural working competencies and sensitivity in youth work field and especially of the ones active and working in international, multicultural or global settings. 

The main goal of the project is to increase the level of intercultural competent, sensitive and quality youth work field.

More specific objectives are:

·         To increase/upgrade the knowledge level of youth workers in Intercultural Learning Topics (culture, identity, prejudices, stereotypes, assumptions, relativism,  communication, clashes, intercultural sensitivity);

·         To develop the practical skills of youth workers in working and managing quality intercultural learning process  in international projects with young people;

·         To upgrade skills in managing and facilitating intercultural encounters in youth work (international volunteering, exchanges, local projects in multicultural settings, trainings, etc.);

·         To develop high intercultural sensitive attitudes in youth work field;

·         To empower youth workers to act as responsible intercultural sensitive actors in international field and project ;

·         To increase the level of professionalism and quality of youth work;

·         To stimulate long term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in international projects;

·         To stimulate mobility of youth workers;


The project includes 2 training courses which are not address necessarily to the same group of participants. Please read carefully to understand the scope of each one of them and decide responsibly for which one to apply. You can also participate in both trainings if you are eligible for both of them.


Training 1which is the object of the present call will take place between 7 and 16th May 2018

-         It is aiming at developing basic working competencies for beginners in the field of intercultural learning. The potential participants have just started to work or be active in international field and need competencies in managing intercultural process as well as facilitate small workshops on such topics with various groups.

Training 2which is not yet open for applications, will take place in May 2019 (also in Norway)

-         Is aiming at developing advanced competencies for youth workers who already have some relevant experience in intercultural learning field and international projects. Preferably they also lived for various periods of time in other countries and managed at much deeper level learning process (longer in time and more intense in topics). Participants of the first training can participate in the second training if in between the trainings they will work actively in the field and deliver workshops on the topics.


Training course

The training will be focused on developing specific practical skills for youth workers and leaders in youth field to act as trainers, focusing on intercultural education and work in intercultural settings and it will make use of the richness of experiential learning and non-formal education in general.

During the training course, participants will be provided with a space and methodological frame to analyse deeper culture and intercultural related topics and dynamics, to understand the features and characteristics of intercultural learning process, as well as developing skills for managing it through different methods.


Target group and criteria

- Youth workers (no age limit but preferably over 18) that are interested in intercultural learning area (having some previous experience is welcomed, but not necessary) and need more knowledge, deeper understanding and new competencies for dealing with these issues in their work, life and communities.

- All participants should have an English level of at least medium level (to be able to participate in discussion and in training activities)

- They have to be active in an organization which works in multicultural or international context.

- They should have the support of their sending organization and a platform where they could implement after the training course intercultural learning workshops which are expected from their participation.

- The participants should be resident of one of following countries:

Romania, Norway, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, UK, Latvia and Greece

·         important note: applications from people residents in other countries (regardless if they are nationals of the countries mentioned before will not be accepted)



This project is funded by the Erasmus + Program. According to its rules, 100% costs of board and logging will be covered by the organizers.

In addition, the organizers are going to reimburse travel costs which is in the budget of the travel calculator of the European commission  (from the country of residence – which has to be on the list mentioned before), upon the receipt of all original tickets and invoices and 100% of their visa cost if needed for entering Norway.


The individual maxim budget for travel, per person are the following:

Romania, Greece, Italy and Portugal: 360 Euro

Poland, Hungary, UK and Latvia: 275 Euro

Norway: 180 euro

The transport cost will be reimbursed through bank transfer after the training, after receiving the documents in original.


If you are interested in taking part in this training course, please fill in the application form and return it completely to Andreea-Loredana Tudorache: until 30th of March 2018!







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