*important note- this is a call for one year project (2 international trainings and local activities)- Read carefully and decide to apply responsibly

This project was created to answer to a need that was detected in partner organizations countries and regions, that in youth work specific there are not too many educational opportunities for youth workers that can enable them to bring the global dimension to the youth work and to reach more young people in their communities by using methodology that can reach the ones that we usually we do no reach with our efforts.

This project will offer the opportunity for youth workers and leaders to explore deeper global topics and social exclusion as well to bring these important dimensions in their work and act towards it by developing competencies in street campaigning which will bring a change on the life of the community members.

Partners involved in the project are coming from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Portugal,(from Europe side) and Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Togo (from Africa Side)

The main goal of this project is to raise the capacity of youth organizations from Europe and Africa to contribute to a cohesive sustainable society through alternative innovative methodology (street campaigning methods: participative or performing arts, living library and other street techniques that could reach more young people)

More specific objectives are:
 To provide a space for sharing best practices among youth organization in Africa-Europe youth cooperation field;
 To set-up the bases for a street campaigning network active on both continents;
 To increase the level of innovation and creativity in youth work field;
 To increase the level of professionalism and quality of youth work;
 To stimulate long term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in international (and intercontinental) projects;
 To stimulate mobility of youth workers North-South and South-North relation between continents and East-West/West- East within the continents.)
 To develop at high level practical competencies in street campaigning for the youth workers involved
 To develop strong pro-active attitudes towards social exclusion and global issues among the beneficiaries youth workers;
 To increase the knowledge level of young people and youth workers in topics like: global interdependencies, climate change, sustainable life style, consumerism, social and global justice, social exclusion, etc.

Dynamic of the project:
1) First Training –Lome (Togo) – 31st March– 9th April 2017 – to develop basic competencies in global education and street campaigning.
2) Practice phase I –April-September 2017 – all the multipliers are going back to their countries and they will have to develop and implement a street campaign for a least 300 young people.
This project has been funded with support of Erasmus+ Program of European Union
3) Second Training Course for advanced competencies in street campaigning on
global issues , Romania between 15-24 September 2017 – based on their practice phase the
multipliers will go through an intensive second training for completing their competencies in street
campaigning .
4) Practice phase II – September – January 2018– multipliers continue their practice
phase, based on the second training each team will have to change and upgrade the campaign so it can
have bigger impact. Now the target will be for at least 400 young people
5) Evaluation meeting – Portugal/Madeira (23-28 January 2018) – one multiplier will go to this meeting

board and lodging for the two training courses which will take place in Togo and Romania (and if is
the case for the Evaluation meeting in Portugal) are covered by the organizers in full during the
training courses dates.
85% of international travel costs for the two training courses which will take place in Togo and
Romania (and if is the case for the Evaluation meeting in Portugal) will be covered by the organizers,
upon receipt of original travel tickets and invoices (the ticket could be both in advance by the
organizers and the selected multipliers could reimburse the 15%)
85% cover of visa & vaccination cost, upon receipt of original tickets and invoices.
Profile of the participants (we are looking for 3 people)
youth workers and youth leaders, project coordinators, active volunteers/members interested in
global problems, concerned about the present situation in the world;
interested in developing competencies in street campaigning (previous experience not required)
motivated to act as multiplier in this field
have good command of English language
available to get involved in all the project activities (mentioned above) for the whole duration of
the project (until January 2018)
available to travel to Togo and Romania((and if is the case for the Evaluation meeting in Portugal)
and take part in the training courses ;
available to take part and be involved fully in the practice phases;
able to cover 15% of the international travel costs, visa and insurance cost.
Important mentions regarding the profile of participants and selection process
- priority will be given to the volunteers, members, supporters of A.R.T. Fusion Association
or that are motivated/interested to be volunteers/part of other projects and activities of A.R.T.
- the project is designed for persons that are not experienced facilitators/trainers
or street campaigners and are new into the topics covered by global education.
- Feel free to ask any additional questions to the contact person (mentioned next) if
you are not sure if this training is suitable to your learning and professional needs before
deciding to apply.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please submit your application form to
Andreea-Loredana Tudorache :





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