Global Education

Global education opens people’s eyes to the realities of this world, and directs them towards a world where justice is equal in its rights for all, where fairness reigns and people connect and depend on each other; this empowers us to start building such a world.

The Global Education Methodology concentrates on supporting active learning, and encourages reflection through active participation of both the student and the educator. It celebrates and promotes diversity and respect towards others and encourages the students to make their own choices in a wider, global context.

The first global education project for A.R.T. Fusion was in 2007, within a European Campaign for the global information and responsibilization of European citizens regarding the objectives of the Millenium of Development, a projected implemented in 8 European countries ( and coordinated by GLEN –Global Education Network ( in partnership with A.R.T. Fusion.

Ever since, A.R.T. Fusion has been actively involved in developing projects on global education, sustained growth and related subjects (along with other social issues adressed through different projects).

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