Andreea-Loredana Tudorache


Trainer and Program Consultant for A.R.T. Fusion The competences acquired by Andreea through her work spanning 3 continents since 2003, with countless organizations and networks (with roles such as trainer, facilitator, moderator, coordinator, consultant, activist, and so on) are reflected in key elements of A.R.T. Fusion presently. Andreea’s work with A.R.T. Fusion includes the strategic development of the association, concieving projects and financing requests, developing educational and support materials, and the consultance necessary for international or local projects. Andreea’s thematic focus is global education, the theatre of the opressed, intercontinental projects, street campaigns, intercultural learning, mentorship, and the development of educational materials. 

Str. Marin Serghiescu, Nr. 14, Apt. 6.
Sector 2 București

A.R.T. Fusion