Carmen Marcu

Carmen Marcu has been a founding member and President of A.R.T. Fusion since 2005. Along the years, Carmen has contributed to managing the organization by writing and implementing projects, organizational development, representation and making foru theatre and awareness manuals and materials. She has 10 years’ worth of experience with NGOs, with inclications towards promoting good sportsmanship in volunteering (both national and international), developing projects and standards for corporate volunteer work, delivering trainings on various themes (non-formal education, project writing, founding NGOs, volunteer management) and consulting in organizational management. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Bucharest, and a master’s in Managerial Comunication and Human Resources from SNSPA. At the moment she is the Communications Director for Pro Vobis – the National Centre for Volunteerinf Resources, and also the Vicepresident of the VOLUM Federation – the Federation of Organizations Supporting the Development of Volunteering in Romania. 

Str. Marin Serghiescu, Nr. 14, Apt. 6.
Sector 2 București

A.R.T. Fusion