Denisa Ionescu

Denisa Ionescu is a founding member of the A.R.T. Fusion Association. Having 13 years’ worth of experience in the NGO sector, Denisa has been involved in developing educational programs, as well as programs for widening the NGO sector in various NGOs around the country, and so much more. With A.R.T. Fusion, Denisa was a part of the creating team for using Forum Theatre as a means of social change and intervention in Romania. Denisa has been a trainer, forum theatre actor, volunteer coordinator and project developer for A.R.T. Fusion so far. At the moment, she is coordinator for ENNA, a European network of NGOs, located in Bruxelles. She graduated from the Departent of Psychology and Educational Sciences, majoring in Psychology at the University of Bucharest, with a Master’s in Managerial Communication and Human Resources within the Department of Communication and Human Resources (SNSPA). As of 2013, Denisa has been of the Directoral Board of the association. 

Str. Marin Serghiescu, Nr. 14, Apt. 6.
Sector 2 București

A.R.T. Fusion