Maria Butyka

Maria Butyka is a founding member of A.R.T. Fusion. She is a graduate of the Economic Sciences Department at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, with a master’s degree in Project Management and Comunication Campaigns at FJSC, Bucharest. With A.R.T. Fusion, she is a volunteer, a trainer and a Joker in the forum theatre method, as well as the Living Library. Periodically, she launches projects within A.R.T. Fusion. She has a vast experience in nonformal education, where she has been working as a trainer since 2003, as well as being a Program Director within the New Horizons Foundation. 

Str. Marin Serghiescu, Nr. 14, Apt. 6.
Sector 2 București

A.R.T. Fusion