Radu Neagu

Radu Neagu is a founding member of A.R.T. Fusion, and a colaborator for artistic activities, with lots of experience in providing musical compozition and soundtracks, and also a frequent participant at festivals and attitude capaigns: Formigine per la Pace, Are You A Spectator? Take ARTItude 2007-2008, FanFest 2007-2008, StufStock 2008, Verde STOP 2008. In his 32 years so far he has made for himself a career as an accomplished percutionist, as he started playing at the age of 15. He played for a while with Novocaine and Crize, and at the moment he is a member or DUTEVINO (drums) and LEMON (drums, guitar, voice). Between 2007 and 2011 he worked as a musical producer and sound engineer for over 25 musical projects (songs and whole albums), and with over 15 Romanian and foreign artists, within LEMON STUDIOS. 

Str. Marin Serghiescu, Nr. 14, Apt. 6.
Sector 2 București

A.R.T. Fusion