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  • Carmen Marcu has been a founding member and President of A.R.T. Fusion since 2005. Along the years, Carmen has contributed to managing the organization by writing and implementing projects, organizational development, representation and making foru theatre and awareness manuals and materials. She has 10 years’ worth of experience with NGOs, with inclications towards promoting good sportsmanship in volunteering (both national and international), developing projects and standards for corporate volunteer work, delivering trainings on various themes (non-formal education, project writing, founding NGOs, volunteer management) and consulting in organizational management. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Bucharest, and a master’s in Managerial Comunication and Human Resources from SNSPA. At the moment she is the Communications Director for Pro Vobis – the National Centre for Volunteerinf Resources, and also the Vicepresident of the VOLUM Federation – the Federation of Organizations Supporting the Development of Volunteering in Romania.

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  • Trainer and Program Consultant for A.R.T. Fusion The competences acquired by Andreea through her work spanning 3 continents since 2003, with countless organizations and networks (with roles such as trainer, facilitator, moderator, coordinator, consultant, activist, and so on) are reflected in key elements of A.R.T. Fusion presently. Andreea’s work with A.R.T. Fusion includes the strategic development of the association, concieving projects and financing requests, developing educational and support materials, and the consultance necessary for international or local projects. Andreea’s thematic focus is global education, the theatre of the opressed, intercontinental projects, street campaigns, intercultural learning, mentorship, and the development of educational materials.

  • Roxana worked for the A.R.T. Fusion Association from 2008 until Semptember of 2013, when she started a two year adventure doing an Erasus Mundus Master’s degree in Advanced Development in Social Work. During her 5 years with A.R.T. Fusion, she contributed to the strategic development of the organization by coordinating the association’s projects along with the A.R.T. Fusion team. She has a degree in Communications and Public Relations and a master’s in Managerial Communication and Human Resources, and over five years’ experience with NGOs. At the moment, her role in A.R.T. Fusion is that of associated board member with training in consultance and various projects.

  • Denisa Ionescu is a founding member of the A.R.T. Fusion Association. Having 13 years’ worth of experience in the NGO sector, Denisa has been involved in developing educational programs, as well as programs for widening the NGO sector in various NGOs around the country, and so much more. With A.R.T. Fusion, Denisa was a part of the creating team for using Forum Theatre as a means of social change and intervention in Romania. Denisa has been a trainer, forum theatre actor, volunteer coordinator and project developer for A.R.T. Fusion so far. At the moment, she is coordinator for ENNA, a European network of NGOs, located in Bruxelles. She graduated from the Departent of Psychology and Educational Sciences, majoring in Psychology at the University of Bucharest, with a Master’s in Managerial Communication and Human Resources within the Department of Communication and Human Resources (SNSPA). As of 2013, Denisa has been of the Directoral Board of the association.

  • Maria Butyka is a founding member of A.R.T. Fusion. She is a graduate of the Economic Sciences Department at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, with a master’s degree in Project Management and Comunication Campaigns at FJSC, Bucharest. With A.R.T. Fusion, she is a volunteer, a trainer and a Joker in the forum theatre method, as well as the Living Library. Periodically, she launches projects within A.R.T. Fusion. She has a vast experience in nonformal education, where she has been working as a trainer since 2003, as well as being a Program Director within the New Horizons Foundation.

  • Mihai Marcu is a founding member and vicepresident of the A.R.T. Fusion Association; also, a colaborator for artistic activities, with plenty of experience in the insurance of musical compozitions and interpretations, and also a participant at festivals and awareness campaigns, such as: Are You A Spectator? Take ARTitude, FanFest, Formigine per la Pace, Nipiia RockFestival (Greenland). He graduated from Juridical Sciences at the University of Bucharest. Mihai has a vast experience with music, and a continuous and sustained activity in bands such as EYEDROPS and DUTEVINO. At the moment, Mihai is a voice-over at Meridional Media for social and publicity campaigns, and also works as a sound designer, producing audio and video materials and music for commercials and movies.

  • Radu Neagu is a founding member of A.R.T. Fusion, and a colaborator for artistic activities, with lots of experience in providing musical compozition and soundtracks, and also a frequent participant at festivals and attitude capaigns: Formigine per la Pace, Are You A Spectator? Take ARTItude 2007-2008, FanFest 2007-2008, StufStock 2008, Verde STOP 2008. In his 32 years so far he has made for himself a career as an accomplished percutionist, as he started playing at the age of 15. He played for a while with Novocaine and Crize, and at the moment he is a member or DUTEVINO (drums) and LEMON (drums, guitar, voice). Between 2007 and 2011 he worked as a musical producer and sound engineer for over 25 musical projects (songs and whole albums), and with over 15 Romanian and foreign artists, within LEMON STUDIOS.

  • A graduate of the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences, majored in Psychology at the University of Bucharest, Laura is a founding member of A.R.T. Fusion and a colaborator with the PR Department. She has been volunteering with NGOs since 2003, accumulating experience in animation and social theatre. Starting in 2005, however, she chose a business career in Human Resources, staying present nonetheless in the association’s endeavours through board meetings and public events.




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